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Name: Betfrika eV

IBAN: DE37 6845 2290 0077 0964 69


  • University support for the promotion of reading
    Provide our organization with volunteers and books
  • In what innovative ways can we improve the quality of the education system through books?
    stimulate the interest of schoolchildren by providing them with a wide range of books for reading to improve their academic performance. Encourage learners to learn independently and contribute to lasting progress.
  • What are the virtues of reading?
    Broadening horizons, Acquiring knowledge Expose readers to new cultural perspectives and ideas.
  • How can reading have a positive impact on development?
    Reading can have a beneficial impact on development through the acquisition of knowledge and the development of vocabulary.
  • How can organizations collaborate with Betfrika on its reading promotion initiative?
    Through financial support or book donations
  • Would you like to get involved as a volunteer to help distribute the books collected in schools?
    If so, please visit the Work with Us section of our website. There you will find an application form specially designed for volunteer services / Volunteering.
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