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we fight for
a better Africa

At Betfrika, we believe in development while working with communities to initiate sustainable solutions that meet specific social needs.

we can all contribute to development, so let's unite for more   great cause .

that's enough.


The most controversial social problems of our millennium are the result of a handicap in our educational systems, whether for example racism or pollution. Thus, we attach paramount importance to the development of young people's professional skills in a global context.


Our vision

Here at Betfrika, we are driven by a single objective which is none other than to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic and cultural living conditions of grassroots communities in an approach of human, sustainable and participatory development. .


Our commitment is measured through the projects we carry out, the testimonies and the partnerships we build for a lasting impact. By working together, we create a better future for everyone.


By contributing your time, skills and passion, you directly contribute to changing lives, building stronger communities and creating lasting positive impact in Africa. Together we can accomplish feats.

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Your support is essential for our NGO in favor of sustainable development in Africa, enabling concrete actions. Together, we create long-term positive impact and build a better future for Africa.


Offering a gift to our organization is another way of supporting us, an act of solidarity and empathy that supports our actions, social causes and projects. Each donation has a significant impact on the lives of others.

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Comlan Daniel Locoh

With our determination, commitment and passion, we find the motivation to achieve the impossible.

Kossivi Addey

By daring to think differently, we can create real, lasting impact and reinvent an innovative world for a better future.

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